Facebook Advertising

When it comes to Facebook we operate on a simple premise - Cold, Warm, Hot - These are the audience types we help you target. Think of a funnel. Cold are individuals who you’ve never done business with. Warm are individuals who maybe know of your business and have purchased 2-3 times, but not frequent. Hot customers are just that, they are buying frequently and we want to increase their lifetime value to maximize profits for your business.

Instagram Advertising

Instagram is the world of pictures. but, did you know you can retarget individuals who have been to your website, back through instagram? Or, even customers on an email list to increase the lifetime value. Let us show you how!

Text Message Marketing

in a world where people’s phone is on them nearly 24/7/365 if your business is not going all in on text campaigns you are losing money. Why? Because when you send a text it costs $0 vs a direct mail piece or even a social advertisement which has a cost associated.

Email Marketing

email marketing is an age old marketing tactic. Here at omni, we handle things a little different. We have developed omni flows for both in-store and online transactions. what is omni flows? we can automatically send emails to get you back in front of people based on what they bought, when they bought, when their birthday is, when the opt-in initially and so much more.

We have a team of in-house designers and creatives that can edit all your photos and videos to make sure they are making the maximum impact to generate new customers for your business. Need a custom graphic? You got it. Need a video edited? Done deal. Need a photo collage done? No problem. (Included in every package)

Creative & Design

POS Integrations

With the help of Omni Lightning, we can integrate with a retailer’s POS system allowing us to track the ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) for a client ensuring a financial return. Also, we are able to build audiences from a retailer’s POS system. For example, want to retarget people who have been into your store before to get them to come back? We can help with that.

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