Facebook/Instagram Advertising

Facebook Audit of current Facebook Marketing – Look at what you have done and are currently doing to generate business. 

Facebook Pixel (Ability to retarget people who visit the website and see who visits which page on your website.)

Offline Conversion Tracking - Via the Omni Lightning platform that hooks into your POS as a retailer.

Advertisement Objectives
 Copy/Word development, pictures, offers for leads, Etc.  

Competitor Analysis (What are your competitors doing?) 

Page Management: Monitor and respond to any social media messages, questions or comments (with approval of client first.)  

Running Ad Campaigns (Optimized Daily)
- Engagement Ads – 
You only pay when someone likes, comments, or shares (Most effective).
Branding/Awareness Ads – Getting your brand/message out to thousands of people for just dollars. 
Video Ad/Views – Create commercial to push out to target audience. 

Custom Conversion (Target people looking at specific URL’s on your website.)

Website Custom Audience (Lists of people built that visit specific URL’s.) 

Audience Creation/Targeting
 100% customized to your marketplace Budget/Ad Spend We will help you manage and understand ad costs and what exactly you are spending your money on.

 Facebook ROI Reporting (Looking at all metrics and making sure you understand what we are trying to achieve.) 

Monthly Reports on Performance Posts made on Facebook, Impressions/People seeing posts, Leads, Results, Etc. (This will be given to you through a personalized report.) 

Weekly Maintenance/Review of campaigns Monitor and analyze results weekly to make sure lead costs are in order and maximize ROI. 

 Facebook Campaign/Lead Generation Management  
Landing Page example ads will guide to and generate the customers/leads Retargeting (Build campaigns specifically for people who engage with your campaign.)

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